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The Plymouth branch was established in1995, running under the guidelines of Wutan UK. Since then, many students have benefitted from the vast training offered. Although the classes are held in a relaxed and friendly manner, the training is taken seriously as the key to success depends largely on the correct practice using proven methods and continual supervision.

In line with traditional Chinese martial art teachings, members are viewed as part of a 'martial arts family' rather than clients or customers. This non business orientated approach helps foster cultural and moral values of authentic Tai Chi and Kung Fu training and creates the right atmosphere to make the most progress.

In 2005, due to a large number of enquiries, classes opened up in Tavistock and then in Ivybridge. The classes are taught by qualified instructors who have many years experience and dedication to the arts they teach. All instructors continue their own personal training and development. This ensures all students receive quality, in-depth tuition at all times in the arts taught in our School.

Our Instructor Team    

Master Wu with Mantis Kung Fu students in Plymouth

Master Wu and some Chen Tai Chi students, 2006

Images Wutan Plymouth 2006