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Wing Chun Kung Fu
Close quarter combat and self-defence

Wing Chun Classes in Plymouth:
Sundays 5:30pm, St Edwards Hall, Home Park Ave, Peverell, Plymouth PL3 4PG (Level 1)
Thursdays 8:00pm, Mount Street School, Mount St., Greenbank, Plymouth PL4 8NZ (Level 2)

Various forms of Wing Chun exist today but by far the most widely practised is the modern version modified by Yip Man, who was also the teacher of the legendary, Bruce Lee. Wing Chun uses the centreline theory. The most economical mode of attack from two points is a straight line originating from the centre of the body. Attacking using angles from the centreline serves as an economical transmission of power and energy.

Wing Chun adopts a very linear approach to attack the opponent using a simultaneous block and hit strategy. This is very effective for short range attacks and hence very popular with those who just want practical self-defence.

This style was developed so that a smaller framed person could overcome a larger person by the use of body dynamics, positioning, speed and power trained through a process called sticking hands or chi sau. The one inch punch is a classic example of the power that can be developed over such small distances.

Wing Chun is a relatively easy system to learn and it is perhaps of this reason that it is the most popular of all the Chinese martial arts in the developed countries. With a good foundation in Wing Chun, other styles are introduced in our curriculum. This will enhance the Wing Chun practitioner's awareness of different self-defence strategies and create a better martial artist.