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Chang Chuan
Power and strength for health and self-defence

Chang Chuan (Chang Quan or Long Fist) originates from northern China and is characterised by large, expansive and bold movements. It is believed to be over 2000 years old and many consider this to be the mother of Kung Fu. Chang Chuan encompasses many martial systems including Shaolin Chuan and Pao Chuan. It is an excellent system of Kung Fu that is used to develop correct stances, root, stability and power using the whole body, the epitome of the highest levels of Kung Fu. Yelo Chang Chuan form is taught early in our curriculum and forms the basis of study in Chinese martial arts. Later on students with appropriate dedication learn other forms of Chang Chuan, such as Char Chuan and Mi Chong Chuan (MiZhong Quan). It was through the training of Mi Chong provided by Chang Yao Tin that Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao recovered from childhood illness.

“The fighter learns from experience that any technique that goes against the body's mechanics or natural movements is energy consuming… Obtaining this knowledge is a major purpose of practising the sequence. It helps one to use the body more correctly and to be able to use maximum efficiency with the use of minimum energy.” - Master They Soon Tuan

Traditional Chang Chuan also forms the basis for many of the modern Wushu routines (Taolu). Therefore those who wish to pursue competition Wushu may initially train in the traditional systems and later be referred to Professor Bai and Master They, the Director for British Taolu, for further training in modern Wushu.

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