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Pa Kua Chang

Superior Health and Martial Arts

Pa Kua Chang (Bagua Zhang) is less well known than Tai Chi. It can be reliably traced back as far as Tong Hai Chuan of the late 19th century and is often characterised by circle walking and palm changes. Tong Hai Chuan was a trainer of the bodyguards together with Kuo Yun Sen of the art of HsingI at the Imperial Palace. Pa Kua emphasises side-stepping and encircling the opponent to weaken his defence, whereas Hsing I adopts a more direct linear approach to develop power in its strikes.

The arts were passed on to many students, the most senior of whom was Yin Fu who followed his teacher into the Imperial service. Kong Pao Tien (Gong Bao Tien) was Yin Fu's successor who subsequently taught the arts to Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao who was chiefly responsible for training security staff and bodyguards of the Republic's president.  The arts were directly passed onto Master Wu and Sifu They.
Pa Kua and Hsing I training has many benefits similar to those of Tai Chi but the added benefits include further strengthening of ligaments and the improvement of balance. These excellent systems of martial arts offer all round suppleness and vitality that complements intermediate level of Tai Chi training.

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