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Wutan Chinese Kickboxing
For self-defence, fitness and health

Kickboxing classes are suitable for all over the age of 13

Wutan Chinese Kickboxing is derived from the techniques of a number of traditional Kung Fu styles of China and applies the rules of Western Boxing and Thai Boxing. Initially it develops the core techniques of:

Chinese Kickboxing teaches:

Students learn to put individual techniques together by means of two-person drills or Sanshou and this is gradually developed in free sparing for those keen to spar. Sanda is commonly seen as the full-contact version and Qingda is the semi and continuous version. Our students can train in both Sanda and Qingda.  

Unlike the medicine ball that is used to condition the body in Western Kickboxing, Chinese kickboxing uses a more holistic Chi Kung approach to develop the internal and external strength. Correct training is important as this will prolong one's training in martial arts; increase the competitive lifespan of a competitor and more importantly to live a healthier and longer life. The techniques used in our syllabus are tried and tested methods that include weapons training and that have been proven to be effective over centuries.

Our Kickboxing classes are held in a fun and friendly atmosphere to develop overall fitness in a fast, efficient way and improve the competitive abilities of those who may wish to compete nationally or internationally. Gradings and seminars are held throughout the year to monitor progress.

Classes are also held for women only in self-defence and fitness .