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Welcome to Wutan Plymouth                                         New Beginner's Tai Chi Classes

A branch of Wutan UK | International School of Chinese Martial Arts.        

The Chinese martial arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, etc) in all its various forms are also known as Wushu. For thousands of years in China, Wushu training has served as a rewarding discipline that is suitable for all. Today they are practised for many reasons such as improving and maintaining good health, to learn self-defence or even make new friends. The ancient Chinese martial arts are renowned to strengthen the body and relax the mind.

Wutan Motto

Wutan is a non-commercial orientated organisation
Authentic Chinese martial arts for a healthier society 

Founded by They Soon Tuan in 1977, Wutan UK aims to preserve and promote the treasures of China's martial arts by making them accessible to more people. Classes are taught by regional instructors throughout UK and Europe, the Plymouth branch being established since 1995.

Under the careful guidance of Master Wu Song Fa
, former instructor of the bodyguards at the Presidential Palace, Republic of China, we use established and effective training methods so that members can enjoy the full benefits of martial arts training without a brutal or aggressive approach.


Master Wu taught Chen style Tai Chi, HsingI and various forms of Kung Fu in the UK. Details of past and current seminars .

Beginner's Tai Chi - May 2021 Beginners classes  are held in Plymouth, Crownhill, Derriford & Plympton. Please attend one of our classes to try out a taster session.  

Women Only Kickboxing
New classes for women only in self-defence and fitness  run on Tuesdays.

A variety of social activities are organised several times during the year. Members, please contact instructors for newevents.

Beginner's Kung Fu - May 2021 Wing Chun Kung Fu classes now held throughout the week in Plymouth. All abilities and levels of fitness welcome.

Wutan British National Tournament
The next national tournament is TBC.

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